At Embleton View we have high aspirations for all of our students. We support the students to work hard to achieve their full potential, often exceeding their own expectations. We deliver a range of qualifications that are both portfolio based and assessed by exams, ensuring that each student is suitably prepared for an exam academically and emotionally. At Embleton View we celebrate the success of each child in any curriculum area in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

We are continuously reviewing and improving our school offer by introducing new curriculum areas, experiences and opportunities to further inspire our children and develop their learning.

Inspiring, Challenging & Achieving

At Embleton View we are continuously striving to offer a better curriculum to our children, delivering challenging and inspiring courses. Over the last 3 years we have enjoyed a substantial increase in recognition of learner achievement through nationally accredited qualifications. This is not only our KS4 groups, but also extends to our KS3 groups who have seen improved achievement of externally accredited qualifications over 3 years. Moving into the new academic year, we are excited to develop this further by offering new qualifications including Duke of Edinburgh Award, Digital Skills and Creative Arts (Accredited through NOCN & NCFE). We will be introducing more life skills such as First Aid and Resuscitation and as Covid restrictions ease, we will be reintroducing our Outdoor Education Curriculum which will promote education in, about, through and for the environment.

Maths , PSD and English Data

As we have developed the PSD curriculum, we have enjoyed expanded opportunities for accreditation across KS3 and KS4. This has been reflected in the total number of qualifications gained. Feedback from external examiners has been highly complimentary. We have seen in increase year on year in the number of qualifications gained in both maths and English. Building on the success of functional skills qualifications, the school will be offering GCSE opportunities in both maths and  English. Reading skills have continued to be a primary focus with investment in age appropriate creative reading materials. We continue to embed functional English and maths across all of our creative lessons such as outdoor education and horticulture at the school allotment.

Student and Parent Feedback

At Embleton View we really value the relationship with Parents and Carers. We believe a strong relationship between school and home provide the holistic foundations for the strongest possible support network for our students. We regularly involve parents in feedback to improve our own practice.

“He is very happy and excited about going to school each day”

ZM's Parents

“T is much happier. He is able to tell us how he feels now”

TM's Parents

“Every member of staff is lovely”

JL's Parents


We work closely with a wide range of local colleges and employers to find suitable outcomes for all of our leavers. We work closely with our students to listen to their aspirations and encourage them to pursue their dreams and think big. We deliver vocational opportunities within the curriculum giving tasters of different work experience placements and facilitating a robust transition into local colleges and employment. Within our curriculum, we focus on developing transferrable skills to allow access to a wider range of vocational opportunities. We support each child by providing impartial careers advice and guidance within the Gatsby Benchmark. This ensures our students are prepared well in advance of leaving school for their transition into adulthood.