Remembrance Day 2021 saw KS3 learners understanding and appreciating all service men and women who have fought and who are currently fighting for their country. As a mark of respect, they wrote a message on a poppy, which was then taken to the Cenotaph in West Auckland. The poppies were placed on the memorial and at 11am the two minutes silence was observed along with other members of the public. The level of respect that was shown by the pupil was humble as he considered other’s feelings and values. This behavior ties in with the school’s ethos of SMSC (Spiritual, moral, social, and cultural experiences.)

On Thursday afternoon a learner was taken to Durham Cathedral to see the Moon exhibit. The purpose of the trip ties in with KS3 Science lessons. This term we are learning about Space, planets, and galaxies and hopefully we are going on a trip to Grassholme Observatory.

The learner was able to appreciate the part of the moon that we never see from Earth and a close up of all the craters that have been made by asteroids. The learner was in total awe when we walked into the Cathedral, stating “this is the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen”. This was a cultural opportunity for the learner and the given has improved the understanding for different faiths and cultural diversity.